Second-year Graduate Student in HCI
GT, Atlanta, Georgia
Hey! Welcome to my design portfolio.
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I'm Yining,
UX Designer with a passion for creating easy-to-use and beautiful digital products that communicate the company's vision to its end users.
UX Designer
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Featured Project
Currently working on
CSA Community
Our master’s project team took a close look at the commnity-supported agriculture model of business/operation. With the famers’ needs in mind, we hope to bring the sense of community back to CSA through our design, while creating a more transparent experience for customers.
08/2019 - Now
UX/UI Design for ProSay
ProSay is a Web App that helps people resolve small claim cases through their online legal services. Our team got onboard to understand how case filing works and help craft a standard, easy-to-use, and reliable digital experience.
02/2021 - Now
Rhea, Yining
Barometer Branding Design
Barometer provides clients with insights from text data using AI. As the business starts out, the team wants to create a better branding system that better expresses and communicates their solution to broad audience.