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Yining grew up in Zaozhuang, a small city on the east coast of China. She earned her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. During this time, she got the opportunity to work on multi-disciplinary projects, including product design, service design, branding, and developed a passion for problem-solving through design thinking. In the past two years, she studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she got more hands-on practices of the user-centric processes and UX methods. Yining loves working directly with the end-users through the comprehensive phases of a creative project. Her favorite projects have involved system thinking and holistic service aspects.
Yining loves listening to music, karaoke, hiking, and just being outside with friends in her spare time. She recently moved from Atlanta to the bay area and wants to explore more nature and food scenes. Her next hobby goal is to learn how to play drum!
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