About Me
Hi there, my name is Yining, a graduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in HCI. I'll be graduating in May 2021 and am now actively seeking a full-time opportunity.
I love the work of being a designer because I get to listen and learn from people and see things from different perspectives. Thinking holistically with the understanding, I attempt to leverage design thinking into the problem-solving process and find solutions that work smoothly in the ecosystem for multiple stakeholders.
In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies. I believe these different forms of creative activities are all more or less related to Design Thinking. While watching movies, I like to see how scenes, shots, actings, and editings serve for the storytelling. When I'm reading, I appreciate authors' meticulous observation and the metaphors they use that are so unique but expressive!
I appreciate your time in visiting my portfolio site!
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